Unit 1 / 8 Newcastle Road Bayswater, Vic 3153
Unit 1 / 8 Newcastle Road Bayswater, Vic 3153
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Van Wyk Electric are experienced solution providers of switchboards within the water / waste water sector and have assisted many companies and Councils with tailor made solutions

Water / Waste Water Sector in Australia

The water and wastewater industry is a critical part of Australia’s infrastructure, providing essential services to both urban and rural communities. The sector is responsible for the collection, treatment, and distribution of clean water, as well as the management of wastewater and stormwater. In recent years, there has been a growing focus on sustainability and the efficient use of resources, with the implementation of innovative technologies and practices such as water recycling and reuse. Electrical contractors like Van Wyk Electric play a vital role in the water and wastewater industry, providing the expertise needed to design, install, and maintain the electrical systems that power these facilities.

Van Wyk Electric is involved in a range of activities across the water and wastewater industry. This includes the installation of power distribution systems, control panels, and instrumentation. They also provide ongoing maintenance and repair services, ensuring that the electrical systems are functioning optimally at all times. In addition, Van Wyk Electric provides the installation of lighting, communication systems, and security systems, which are essential for the safe and efficient operation of water and wastewater facilities.

  • Treatment Plants
  • Pump Stations
  • System Design and Drawings
  • Motor Control Switchboards
  • Pumps
  • Telemetry
Water and Wastewater System
Motor Control Switchboards
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The role of electrical contractors in the water and wastewater industry cannot be overstated. They are crucial to the development and maintenance of the infrastructure that ensures the provision of safe and reliable water services to communities across Australia. With the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient water management practices, the role of electrical contractors is becoming even more important. As the industry continues to evolve, electrical contractors like Van Wyk Electric will play a critical role in ensuring that Australia’s water and wastewater infrastructure remains at the forefront of innovation and technology.

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